jump he said. i said i didnt think it was a good idea.

but you were the one who suggested it all could be gone and gone in a way that was quick, which didint make too much mess so kelly would get home clean it up with some daz or something then get over it quickly.
yes that. that was yesterday but today as you always say is tuesday the fifteenth

it was two years ago that. i shouldnt imagine the idea of a fifteenth in which things dont go as is are still around. now we were in this mess. just in time for not much else to happen i offered up a you desereved it to a less than generous audience. today was tuesday not a real fiteenth but it fitted the model. kelly was still in the picture, a little more so now as she had changed from just a girl i went to resurants to argue with to a girl who i argued with not in restaruants. public was our speciality. i looked out across the fat mouth as if looking for a reason to carry on, but couldnt extract one with my eyes, so i didnt. lots of arms denoted my moment to leave the situation, and slowly i elevated myself in a way which would make a double chin look elegant. it wasnt. a mildly ironic cheer sent out the position of the rest of her group. her friends not mine. which was why they stayed. i found somewhere else.

at a safe distance, looking across the mess i had given the lunch hour, a sigh quickly proved i wasnt thinning out.
wimper wimpered kelly
but thats just what she wanted people to think. one broke the pack and was making headway toward me. a swift thrust of my shoulders wall-ward made things better as i couldnt see the inevitable mouth mess, only a couple of those young temp kids muttering something about else to each other. they dont know theyve only been here two days or so. i expected the grating voice any second to cut down on my forehead. it never came. only a door-slam contained everything a five minute back and fourth back and fourth would have covered. her freinds were like that.

unable to starve off the nausia, usually associated with early morning gauntlet run, my direction changed focus to the car park. air with fresh werent going to console, but theyd sure offer some space. a younger girl walked out as i ran quick lumpy hand through my hair to cover up. but she knew. the last few days had been hell not that id admit to anyone. kelly wouldnt let her new one go. it was so obsessively planned that i thought it might just work. it wasnt her usual path only the last six months took her this route. the faces were less interested than most just more middle class. i suggested looking at it from another point of view but they didnt have any. it was the phone scam that had set her off.

the police described it in such detail. there was no denying its splendour.
all kelly wanted was to make back the money wed been coughed of. i said no then later yes but back to no again soon. that was after id lost her. shed boil hours reading the face off long internet pages. occasionally she would run out into the living room again all enthusiastic with a print out. i sign on my face usually sent her back. it didnt take long for me to stop reading them. or listening.

id always said if we were ever to try one never to dicuss it at work. i think she was boasting. something soppy about how tying people up really seemed to give a sense of stamina to our relationship and the teamwork needed to it pull off was a great fluffer for when we got back home. she always be animals after.

it was in kellys eyes when id lunged, and i couldnt help agreeing with what shed said but as id said, not a work. the freind wasnt likely to talk about it. nobody believed her that time she said she lost a pound in a week. she even chased after me when i left change in the drinks machine. i then remembered nobody told her they didnt believe her, only muttered so behind her back and then stopped when she came in. i tried earnestly to catch kellys eye, but it wasnt being good to her anymore. i settled on cutting out the middleman and dragging her friend outside, who came with me.

Just before i'd done it. 2004
© eric pentle. all editions signed by the artist.
Words written by the artist.