They never thought of introducing that much safety into prediction of the weather. Coffee and cube were good companions for the morning chat, but not now. It always comes in several forms, but they thought it needed picking up. Just in time this very action became double-jointed, much less controllable. All were therefore hoping he did fall out, braking down like an idiot. It needed somebody who’s a great unknown, leading his or her superior out to sea.

“The invisible road listens about putting your foot left. Of your new cost, it’s downhill all the way. I still think you may possibly be the best.”

So many would have expected new or at least mobile air to drink. Nightmare situations were busily backing slowly up two slopes. Looking at this, “you like mine,” always had to be left well alone.

“I’ll give you my fingers,” she answered

“I admire that opportunity of nothing. Prepare yourself for a double looking back.”

Last week the bit at the front looked wonderful, up and over that and down, it was far from the three-second rule. He just thought that out of “my” head all strikes make such an impact, with similar diversity. Settle down to feet extended around like lumps of meat, every one of them. After this, advice goes before such trivialities. All was under control, you certainly caught wind of his mother's journey. So many had better now be careful if they've got that green leather bag. It’s a very expensive mode for sane projection, always concerned to be having a look on the way. Then it must be off to a retirement round of Hong Kong economics.

“I… just wanted to see him make the same position as some of his fellow job descriptions.”

“You’re a bully now Joe.”

“I’m not a bully,” Joe launched back.

“It is invariably visible.”

Hong Kong. 2003
© eric pentle. all editions signed by the artist.
Words written by the artist.